1SG (RET) Wilson Rodriguez Manzano

First, I’d like to thank the team for wonderful job in making this possible. It’s obvious that it took extensive research. I’m a proud Puerto Rican Retired Army First Sergeant who served proudly for 23 years and in IRAQI Freedom. My father, Retired BG Rodriguez Balinas who served in the Borinquenneers during the Korean War taught me everything there is about our Puerto Rican Pride while serving in the Military. I just returned from PR where my father was recognized at the Colegio de Abogados for his outstanding contribition to the nation as a Veteran/Lawyer. This last Sunday we watched the documentary in PR’s channel Six. The whole family comment, laughed and cried together as this wonderful production was going on. My father and I were so proud that at the end we marched around the house calling cadence. He turn around and I saluted him while saying BORINQUENEERS SIR!!!; he proudly returned my salute. It was so funny as it was emotional. Our whole family enjoyed this event. SOMOS LOS MEJORES SIN DUDA! 65th ALL THE WAY, HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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