1SG (Ret) Fernando Rodriguez-Borges
Wetupka, AL  |  August 16, 2013

I am an American Fighting Man born in Coamo, Puerto Rico. Like my comrades of the 65th Inf. Regt. I served with Co. "D" 1st Bn. from Dec. 1951 to May 1952. I too, like to take a step forward to salute all "The Borinqueneers" who, like my brother Narciso of Co. "C" gave their best that they could be for the Korean people and our country. My comrades, I salute you and honor you for you are and always will be heroes for all the peoples of the world.


Gladys Picó-Vielma
Grand Rapids, Michigan  |  May 28, 2013

My Abuelo is Col. Agustín Muñoz MD (retired). Our family has always been so proud of him and of his service and although he rarely talks about his days in Korea he does speak of his 25 years of service, his fellow soldiers and his love of countries (both). Although to us he has always been a big deal, as others here have stated, this kid from the tiny fishing village of Santa Isabella in Puerto Rico who served in Korea and rose through the ranks to become Colonel has by virtue of being PR not received the respect due to him on the mainland. Although a physician, his accent has made others assume he is ignorant, his $ in the form of a check from Banco Popular, rejected as foreign currency, his granddaughter has been asked when she got her green card... It's a shame how little is known about us here. Boricuas shed blood for this nation! Thank you for brining attention to this!


SSG Joe Acevedo
Afghanistan  |  April 30, 2013

You did a great job with documentary.  I know, I've seen it several times. On one occasion while in Iraq, a guy had a copy that practically saved our company. Our PR company was 1/2 Puerto Rican  (the 1013th Engineer Company of the Puerto Rico National Guard) and the other 1/2 from Wisconsin.  We were bumping heads because our loyalty was questioned right there, right then.  That documentary helped peace the mood and until this day we continue to communicate with them.

So, your film is very important. In the past few weeks over the media, I have read about the Congressional Gold Medal for the 65th. That topic was brought up at the unit during one of our conversation along with the topic of Statehood which is a topic today that remains at the forefront for the fight for equality. Several people talked so much trash to me that I did not know what to say or answer, until the idea of viewing the documentary. It was playing on the Armed Forces Network.  I have done here everything possible that a soldier can do but it seems to me that they believe that I will always remain as "that medic from PR” not from the USA. I do not want to trade my heritage or my Caribbean roots, I just want to be remembered by my accomplishments.

I really do thank you for that documentary. My dad was in B Co and C Co of the 65th. SGT Juan G Acevedo, he never speaks about his experiences over there. He will be 90 years next month.

Thank you, again. Hoping to see another documentary contemporary to my service time soon from your company.

SSG Joe Acevedo


Reinand Ortiz
Ponce, PR  |  April 25, 2013

Hello, A group of 20 war veterans and family from Puerto Rico will be visiting Washington, DC during the Memorial day Weekend. We will arrive on the 23 May until the 28 of May. As part of our itinerary we plan to pay homage with a offering of memorial flowers at the Korean War Monument and the Vietnam Memorial Wall.


Migdalia González
San Antonio, TX  |  April 23, 2013

Mi papá, Marcelino González-Vega (Chelo) del barrio Toitas y my tio Jesús Meléndez, de Cayey...los dos sirvieron con la 65th Infantry Division en Korea. Mi tio se retiró de la Guardia Nacional en Cayey. I want you all to know that I am fighting for the Congressional Gold Medal in their honor. It is a little late for my dad, he passed away a few years ago, but I dream of the day my uncle recieves it.. We can do this! Si, se puede!


Jose A. Garcia
El Paso TX (the lone star state)  |  April 09, 2013

I served in Cayey (PRNG) with the 65 after the came back from Korea. I was 16 (lied about my age). It was the year 1957. Would like to hear from anyone that served with me (SP/4 Garcia...81mm Squad). I believe my SL was SGT Rivera, PSG Rios and 1SG Padro was the top Soldier. I left right after HS to join the Army in 1961. GOD bless you all Jose.


Evelyn Figueroa
Bronx, NY  |  March 22, 2013

Dear Noemi:  On behalf of M.S. 302 and myself, I would like to thank you for the exceptional presentation to our students that you made on on Nov. 30, 2009. You restructured your presentation to fit the cognitive ability of our children and that was excellent! In addition, Eugenio's participation brought such a "real to life" experience for the children. They later continued to ask me questions about him and you. Please express our gratitude to him and your Mom for attending with you as well. It was truly a learning experience for all who attended.

You are a woman of many talents.  Don't ever stop striving for your dreams, for your dreams inspire others and that is a beautiful thing.

Evelyn Figueroa
School Guidance Counselor


Jesus Mendoza Cuesta
Jacksonville,FL  |  January 29, 2013

Mi padre Jesus Mendoza Lopez vivo y murio en Humacao Puerto Rico sirvio en Korea 1950-1952 Unidad 65 de Infanteria obtubor la medalla de Bronse. El ano pasado recibi el certificado en memoria de el por el Presidente de los Estado Unido Barack Obama. Jesus Mendoza, Hijo


Richard Sierra
Fatetteville, NC  |  December 01, 2012

We are trying to find any members of the 65th RCB that fought in Korea or any pass member that are still with us. We are a MC that honers them "Borinqueneers MC" that are all over the USA. We would like to honer them and hear their stories.


Ismael Rodriguez
Trenton,N.J 08608  |  November 25, 2012

My Father was in the 65th infantry division company C ,his name was Cpl. Ismael Rodriguez, he recieved a bronze star "V" for valor and if anyone ever new him please contact me, he fought in Kelly Hill. he was an assistant squad leader.